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the approach

We are here to create great ideas that sell your product. But to discover those ideas, we undertake an exceptionally disciplined process of brand immersion. After all, how can we know how to sell something before we understand your organization, your products/services, your resources, your advantages, and your goals? And while we're learning that, we're doing the same thing with your target audience. Who are those people? What do they want? Where can you find them? What is the best way to approach them? And most importantly, why on earth should they buy what you're selling? With Rattle, before we offer any answers, you can expect we'll be asking an awful lot of questions.



1 Immersion
2 Market Research, Research, and More Research
3 Insightful, Thought-Provoking Strategies
4 Brilliant Creative Possibilities
5 Ongoing Assessment and Anticipation of New Opportunities





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