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Codzilla thrill boat, designed by rattle

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the challenge (pt. 1)

When they originally hired rattle in 2007, Boston Harbor Cruises lacked a differentiated brand and suffered from low awareness levels. BHC was frequently confused with other vessel operators on the harbor from party boats to charter excursions.


the challenge (pt. 2)

About to launch a new thrill boat which would become the harbor icon Codzilla, BHC's marketing plan was more focused on national tourists visiting Boston once in a lifetime rather than on regional and local residents visiting Boston on a regular basis.

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the results (pt. 1)

Along with reengineering their marketing mix to prioritize regional tourism, we implemented a retail, top-of-mind media strategy.

Now we have a multi-award winning premium brand campaign that is all about the fun. Showcasing its affordable adventures from whale watches to high-speed destination ferries, BHC now succeeds with visitors both local and national.

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the results (pt. 2)

Since hiring rattle in 2007, BHC has seen 9 consecutive years of 15% - 25% growth. Revenue has more than doubled and the company serves 2.5 million+ customers/year and growing.

Now the largest private operator of passenger vessels in the country with 500 departures daily in peak season, BHC enjoys over 84,000+ fans on facebook.

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the results (pt. 3)

Most recently, we partnered with Genuine Interactive to launch a new, fully responsive website for BHC. Featuring social media-based photo galleries for capturing real-time customer engagement, the new site is helping to continue the impressive growth in web traffic and online sales for the company.

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the results (pt. 4)

  • 1.5 million website visits/year
  • 38,000 online transactions, millions of dollars in revenue directly trackable to organic SEO and paid search results
  • 22% of all web transactions from paid search efforts
  • 34,000 mobile website visitors
  • 380% SEO ROI
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