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the challenge

When it opened with the largest 3D screen in Boston, the Simons IMAX Theatre faced competition from 3 other IMAX theatres within just fifty miles. Furthermore, the theatre opened in December, an intensely competitive entertainment season. Lets add one more hurdle: Big Dig construction made it extremely difficult even to get to the theatre. Yet, the results of our launch are as eye-opening as seeing a 6-story high 3D image.


the results

  • Theatre launch helps the New England Aquarium become the #1 visited attraction in Boston for the first time in history
  • Simons IMAX Theatre among the top 5 IMAX theatres in the US for revenue and top 10 in world
  • Met highly aggressive corporate goals while spending less on marketing than most IMAX theatres
  • A finalist for the most successful IMAX launch worldwide, the campaign is now featured as training case study for IMAX corporation
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